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1741 - إحسانُ مُجاوَرَةِ النِّعَمِ‏


6168.الإمامُ عليٌّ عليه السلام: أحسِنوا صُحبَةَ النِّعَمِ قَبلَ فِراقِها ؛ فإنّها تَزولُ وتَشهَدُ على‏ صاحِبِها بما عَمِلَ فيها .1

6168.Imam Ali (AS) said, 'Appreciate the having of bounties before their departure, for they will leave and testify against their owner with respect to what he has done with them.' 2

6169.الإمامُ عليٌّ عليه السلام : اِحذَروا نِفارَ النِّعَمِ ؛ فما كلُّ شارِدٍ بمَردُودٍ .3

6169.Imam Ali (AS) said, 'Beware the fleeing of bounties, for not every runaway returns.' 4

6170.الإمامُ الهادي عليه السلام : ألقُوا النِّعَمَ بحُسنِ مُجاوَرَتِها ؛ والتَمِسوا الزِّيادَةَ فيها بالشُّكرِ علَيها ، واعلَموا أنّ النَّفسَ أقبَلُ شي‏ءٍ لِما اُعطِيَت ، وأمنَعُ شَي‏ءٍ لِما مُنِعَت .5

6170.Imam al-Hadi (AS) said, 'Meet bounties by embracing them, and plead for an increase in them by giving thanks for them, and know that the self is the most accepting of what it is given and the most resistant against that which it has been deprived of.' 6

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