Special Ziyarah for the day of Ashura
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Special Ziyarah for the day of Ashura

In the Name of God, the All-Merciful, the All-Compassionate__We repeat our heartfelt condolences to you all on the anniversary of the tragedy of Ashura, and here we present you the special Ziyarah or standard form of salutation for Imam Husain (PuH) on the tragic 10th of Moharram.


As mentioned by the late great scholar, Sheikh Abbas Qomi in his prayer and supplication manual, Mafatih al-Jenan or Keys of Paradise, this is the well-known ziyarah for the day of Ashura, which is highly recommended to be recited from far and near. It is mentioned by Sheikh Abu Ja’far Tusi in his book Misbah al-Mutahajjad written over a thousand years ago that Mohammad bin Isma'eel bin Bazi reported from Saleh bin Uqbah from his father, from Imam Mohammad Baqer (PuH) the grandson of the Martyr of Karbala and the 5th Infallible Heir of Prophet Mohammad (blessings of God upon him and his progeny) that he told the narrator: “Whoever visits Husain ibn Ali (PuH) on the tenth of Muharram and weeps over him at his shrine will meet God Almighty on the day of Resurrection having been blessed with the reward of two thousand Hajj and two thousand Umrah pilgrimages as well as that of participating in two thousand campaigns (ghazwah), the reward of each of these being like that of someone who has performed the Hajj and Umrah pilgrimages with the Prophet of Allah and the Imams and waged jihad alongside them.”

The narrator asked the Imam concerning the reward of those in far off places who are unable to make the journey to Karbala on the Day of Ashura. The Imam replied, “Someone like that should go out of the town or ascend to an elevated place in his house and greet the Imam while pointing toward his shrine and make diligent supplications against his killers and offer a two-raka'ah prayer. That should be done in the first part of the day, before noon. Then he should mourn Husain (PuH) and weep over him and enjoin the members of his family … to weep for him and hold deep mourning in his house by expressing distress over his martyrdom, condoling with one another for the calamity that has befallen them on account of Husain’s martyrdom. For those who do so, I vouch for them all of that reward from God, the Most High.”

The 5th Imam further said, “If possible, do not go out on this day for any of your needs, as it is an inauspicious day on which the needs of the faithful are not fulfilled, and if fulfilled will not be blessed and they will not see any good come out of it. Any of you should not procure anything for storage on this day, and provisions thus obtained will not be blessed for him and his family. When they have acted in this manner, God, the Most High, will write for them the reward of a thousand Hajj and a thousand Umrah pilgrimages and of participating in a thousand campaigns, each of them performed with the Prophet of Allah, and their reward with God shall be like the reward of the ordeals undergone by every prophet, apostle, legatee, saint and martyr who died or was slain from the time since God has created the world until the Day of Resurrection.”

Likewise, once Alqamah bin Muhammad al-Hazrami approached Imam Baqer (PuH) and requested for a supplication to be recited on the Day of Ashura when visiting the shrine of Imam Husain (PuH), or when greeting him while pointing toward his shrine from any distant place. The Imam said:


“O Alqamah, when you have offered two raka'ahs of prayer after having greeted him while pointing toward his shrine, then, after saying takbeer and while pointing toward his shrine, recite the following text. Indeed, when you recite it you will have made the supplication said by the angels who visit his shrine and God will write for you the reward of a million degrees, and you will be like those who has been martyred along with Husain (PuH) share with them in their degrees, and will not be known except as someone belonging to the martyrs who were slain with him. There will be written for you the reward of ziyarah of every prophet and apostle and the ziyarah of every pilgrim who has visited Husain (PuH) since the day he was slain, may peace be to him and his family.”

"Peace be to you, O Aba Abd-Allah! Peace be to you, O son of the Prophet of Allah! (Peace be to you, O chosen one of Allah and son of His chosen one!) Peace be to you, O son of the Commander of the Faithful and the chief of the legatees! Peace be to you, O son of Fatemah, the leader of the world’s womankind. Peace be to you, avenger of whose blood is Allah, son of him the avenger of whose blood is Allah, and whose blood remains unavenged! Peace be to you and to the spirits that descend in your courtyard. Peace from Allah be to you all on my behalf as long as I live and day and night endure!

"O Aba Abd-Allah, your martyrdom was a great calamity and the cause of great distress for us and all followers of Islam! It was a tremendous calamity that befell the heavens and which affected all the denizens of the heavens! May Allah’s curse be on those who instituted a regime of wrongdoing and injustice against you Ahl al-Bayt! May Allah’s curse be on those who sidelined you from your rightful station and withheld from you the status that Allah had assigned you! May Allah’s curse be on those who slew you, and may His curse be on those who paved the way for them making it possible to wage war against you! Before God and you, I repudiate them, their supporters, their followers and those who befriend them!

"O Aba Abd-Allah! I make peace with those who are at peace with you and make war against those who are at war with you, till the Day of Resurrection. May Allah’s curse be on the clan of Ziyad and the clan of Marwan! May Allah’s curse be on the generality of the Umayyads! May Allah’s curse be on the son of Marjanah! May Allah’s curse be on Umar ibn Sa'd! May Allah’s curse be on Shimr! May Allah’s curse be on the lot who saddled and harnessed their mounts and patrolled the land for the battle against you! Dearer than my father and mother, your martyrdom has caused me great sorrow! I beseech Allah, who has honoured you with your station and honoured me through you, to enable me to avenge your blood with the God-aided Imam from the Family of Muhammad, may Allah bless him and his Family! O Allah, make me eminent with You in the world and the Hereafter through Husain, peace be to him!

"O Aba Abd-Allah! I seek nearness to Allah, His Prophet, the Commander of the Faithful, Fatemah, Hasan and you, through my love for you and through my repudiation of (those who fought against you and waged war against you, and my repudiation of) those who instituted the regime of injustice and oppression against you. And I do repudiate, before Allah and His Prophet those who created the grounds for that, those who built upon it and made injustice and wrongdoing against you and your followers their policy. I repudiate them before Allah and before you. I seek nearness to Allah and you with my love for you and my love for your friends, and through my repudiation of your enemies and those who waged war against you and my repudiation of their supporters and followers! I am at peace with those who are at peace with you and at war with those who are at war with you. I befriend those who befriend you and I am hostile to those who are hostile towards you. I beseech Allah, Who has honoured me with my appreciation of you and your friends and has enabled me to repudiate your enemies, to include me in your fold in the world and the Hereafter, and to grant me a steady and worthy standing with you in the world and the Hereafter. I beseech Him to enable me to reach the praiseworthy station that you have with Allah and to enable me to avenge your blood alongside the Imam of guidance from your Family, who is manifest and speaks in accordance with the truth.

"I beseech Allah by your right and your standing with Him to grant me, by virtue of my sorrow for your sake, the best reward granted to anyone who has suffered a tragedy—a great a calamity was and tremendous loss to befall in Islam and throughout the heavens and the earths!

"O Allah, include me, while I stand here, among those who receive Your blessings, mercy and forgiveness!

"O Allah, grant me to live as Muhammad and his Family lived, and grant me to die like Muhammad and the Family of Muhammad! O Allah, this day was celebrated as an auspicious occasion by the Umayyads and the son of her who ate the livers of the martyrs, the accursed son of the one cursed by You and Your Prophet, may Allah bless him and his Family, in every place and situation that Your Prophet, may Allah bless him and his Family, was present. O Allah, curse Abu Sufyan, Mu'awiyah, and Yazid son of Mu'awiyah, may Your curse be on them forever and ever.

"On this day the clan of Ziyad and the Marwanids rejoiced for having slain Husain, may Allah bless him. O Allah, amplify Your curse on them and heighten their (painful) punishment. O Allah, I seek nearness to You on this day and in this place, and throughout the days of my life, by repudiating them and cursing them and by befriending Your Prophet and his Family, may peace be to them! O Allah, let Your curse be on the first tyrant who breached the rights of Muhammad and the Family of Muhammad and the last follower of that policy.

O Allah, curse the league that fought Husain and made alliances and pacts and agreed to kill him. O Allah, curse all of them!"

"Peace be to you, O Aba Abd-Allah and to the souls that have alighted in your courtyard! Peace be to you from me so long as I live and so long as day and night endure! May Allah not make this my last opportunity of your ziyarah. Peace be to Husain, to Ali ibn al-Husain, to the children of Husain and the companions of Husain!"

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