Imam Mohammad Baqir (Pbuh) was born on 1st of Rajab or 3rd of Safar, 57 A.H. in Medina. Both from mother and father side of the family, he was descended from Hazart-e Ali (Pbuh) and Fatemeh Zahra (Sa). As Imam Sadiq (Pbuh) said, her dear mother was unique in Imam Hassan's family.

The period of Imam Baqir (Pbuh)'s life

The period of Imam Mohammad Baqir (Pbuh)'s life is divided into two parts. The pre-Imamate part lasted for more than 35 years, which his father Hazrat-e Ali -Ibn-al-Hossain (Pbuh) was the leader. The second part of Imam's life was the period of his leadership. In this period he founded his scientific government. For 50 years, that honorable man taught in the religious universities and revealed the religion's truth for his students also told them about the hundred - year Islamic history, from the death of Hazrat-e Mohammad (SW) till his time.

The validity of his Imamate

1. Hazrat-e Mohammad (SW)'s narration about the introduction of the twelve Imams (Pbuh).

2. The special narration about Imam Mohammad Baqir (Pbuh) said by Hazrat-e Mohammad (SW).

3. The Jabir Ibn- Abdollah Ansari's testify about the prophet (SW)'s glad tidings for the birth of Imam Mohammad Baqir(Pbuh).

4. The Imam Sajad (Pbuh)'s certification about the Hazrat-e Baqir(Pbuh)'s Imamate.

5. The Hazrat's speeches about himself and the Imamate's continuance till the 12th Imam.

His social and political life

At his time, for the Imam Hossein (Pbuh) 's rising and the pressure of the Omavid's oppressive government, the pious Iranian people helped Baniabbas to uproot the weak reign of Baniomayeh. Therefore, it brought a suitable opportunity for Imam Baqir (Pbuh) to improve and strengthen Shi'ite and to reject superstitions and to compaign against the wrong methods of exertion of divine law.