Verily, there is an exortation and lesson in everything for those who have wisdom and take lesson.

المَواعِظُ صَقالُ النُّفوسِ ، وجَلاءُ القُلوبِ . ح: 1354

Exhortations are the polishers of the self and the cleansers of the heart. H: 1354

إذا أحَبَّ اللَّهُ عَبداً وعَظَهُ بِالعِبَرِ . ح: 4032

When Allah loves a servant, He exhorts him with examples. H: 4032

مَن فَهِمَ مَواعِظَ الزَّمانِ لَم يَسكُنْ إلى‏ حُسنِ الظَّنِّ بالأيّامِ . ح: 8938

He who understands the exhortations of time will not be at ease with entertaining good opinions about his days. H: 8938

إنّ في كُلِّ شَي‏ءٍ مَوعِظَةً وعِبرَةً لذَوي اللُّبِّ والاعتِبارِ . ح: 3460

Verily, there is an exortation and lesson in everything for those who have wisdom and take lesson. H: 3460

مَن كانَت لَهُ فِكرَةٌ فَلَهُ في كُلِّ شَي‏ءٍ عِبرَةٌ . ح: 9236

There is exortation in everything for he who contemplates. H: 9236

نُصحُكَ بَينَ المَلَأِ تَقْريعٌ . ح: 9968

Your advice to a congregation of people is like chiding. H: 9968

الجاهِلُ لا يَرتَدِعُ ، وبِالمَواعِظِ لا يَنتَفِعُ . ح: 1729

The ignorant man cannot refrain [from sins], nor does he benefit from exhortations. H: 1729

إنّ الوَعظَ الّذي لا يَمُجُّهُ سَمعٌ ، ولا يَعدِلُهُ نَفعٌ ، ما سَكَتَ عَنهُ لِسانُ القَولِ وَنطَقَ بهِ لِسانُ الفِعلِ . ح: 3538

The exhortation which cannot be missed by the hearing, nor matched by any other benefit is that which the tongue of speech remains silent about and the tongue of action expresses. H: 3538

بِالمَواعِظِ تَنجَلي الغَفلَةُ . ح: 4191

Through exhortations is inattentiveness cleared. H: 4191

أبلَغُ العِظاتِ الاعتِبارُ بِمَصارِعِ الأمواتِ . ح: 3123

The most far-reaching of exhortations is consideration of the fates of dead people. H: 3123

لِلكَيِّسِ في كُلِّ شَي‏ءٍ اتِّعاظٌ . ح: 7338

There is exortation in everything for the sagacious. H: 7338

رُبَّ زاجِرٍ غَيرُ مُزدَجِرٍ ، رُبَّ واعِظٍ غَيرُ مُرتَدِعٍ . ح: 5360 - 5361

Many a rebuker is himself not rebuked, and many an exhorter is himself not restrained [from sins]. H: 5360 & 5361

مَن لَم يُعِنْهُ اللَّهُ على‏ نَفسِهِ لَم يَنتَفِعْ بِمَوعِظَةِ واعِظٍ . ح: 9010

He whom Allah does not help against his base self cannot benefit from the exhortation of an adviser. H: 9010

كَفى‏ عِظَةً لِذَوي الألبابِ ما جَرَّبوا . ح: 7059

The experiences of people of conscience are enough of an exhortation. H: 7059