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The author of the present article investigates the position of the above mentioned hadith in the Sunni and Shiite hadith books. He also analyzes the presented views in this regard and concludes that the earliest source of this hadith are of the Sunni origin and such a hadith with a reliable chain of documents is not found in the reliable Shiite hadith books.
Key words: Shiite and Sunni Hadith Collections, Fly, Medicine, Reliability of Documents, Made-up Hadith.

G. H. Kramus

Manichaean Concepts Found in the Hadith of Akilat al-Khazir

Translated by Mohammad Mahdi Moqaddasi
In this article, the author deals with a hadith which is known as Akilat al-Khazir. Investigating different sources of this report, he points to the distinction which exists in different types of its transmission. He then studies views rendered by the interpreters of this haith concerning its meaning and makes a note of variation which exist in their point of views. Looking into the content of this hadith – which makes an indication of right and wrong concept – the author tries to illustrate the similarity existing between the content of this hadith and concept of right and wrong in Manichaean school of thought.
Key words: Hadith Reports Concerning Akilat al-Khazir, Chain of Hadith Document, Meaning of Akilat al-Khazir, Manichaeism, Right and Wrong, Manichaean School of Thought.

Mahdi Mehrizi

Western Hadith Scholarship

The West of Islamic World along with Hejaz, Syria and Iraq besides Iran have formed the three major regions, in the field of Sunni hadith development, in different periods of Islamic history.
This witting is a brief account of the Sunni hadith activities in the West of Islamic World. The author first deals with the main efforts made by the great Western hadith scholars and their outstanding works as well as the role of the West and East of Islamic world in disseminating hadith. Demonstrating the Western studies in the field of hadith scholarship, the author views outflow of hadith into the West and its entry in addition to its development from a geographical perspective and also makes a mention of some characteristics of these hadith centers.
Key words: Hadith Centers, Western Hadith Studies, Sunni, Hisory of Hadith, Iran Hejaz, Syria and Iraq, Hadith Scholarship, Hadith Development.

Sayyed Hedayat Jalili

A New Approach to Work Interpretation

Definitions of work interpretation are often old, concept-oriented, value-centered partial, selective, simplifier, ambiguous and inefficient. The author of the present paper tries to illustrate the abovementioned deficiencies in the present definitions consequently, provides a realistic, objective, new and efficient definition of work interpretation and display the hidden features and neglected aspects of this interpretation method.
After reporting, classifying and analyzing the present definitions, the author, in the light of theories of rationalism and revelationism, divides the Quran's commentaries into two great groups: rational commentaries and revelationistic commentaries and defines each of them separately and determines the status of work interpretation and enumerates the characteristics of this interpretation method. Adoption of descriptive approach instead of normative and prescriptive approach is the main characteristic of this research paper which distinguishes it from other research papers.
Key words: Work Interpretation, Tafsir, Descriptive Approach, Rational Interpretation, Revelationistic Interpretation, Shiite Commentaries, Sunni Commentaries, Deficiency, Definition.

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