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Zahra Akhawan Sarraf

A Qualitative Analysis of Fabricated Hadiths

The present text is a critical review of the book al Mouduat fi'l Akhbar wa'l Athar written by Ashim Ma`ruf al Hasani. The above mentioned book is a contemporary work which is concerned with fabricated hadiths and is criticized at length by this paper.
The author of this paper tries to prove that though some inter- and intra- religious conspiracies have polluted the field of hadith scholarship but it does not mean that all the hadith collections are filled with fabricated hadiths and those who carefully studied hadith books in order to find fabricated hadiths , could not find many radical fabricated hadiths. Lack of high precision and transparency of principles and also lack of criteria for finding fabricated haiths and carelessness in finding examples for these criteria have led to unscientific and wrong judgments concerning these hadiths.
Key words: Criticism, Texts, Documents, Reporter, Weakness, Exaggeration, Virtues, Shiite and Sunni Hadith Collections, Reliability of Chain of Documents, Made-up Hadith.

Hamid Baqeri

Recognition of a Reporter: Ismail Bn Abi Ziyyad Sukuni

The Shiite Infallible Imams hadiths reported by the Sunni reporters and their authenticity are of the most important issues which are discussed by hadith scholars in the field of diraya (hadith scholarship) and fiqh (jurisprudence). Generally speaking, we can divide the Shiite hadith scholars into two groups: those who are against the reliability of authenticated hadith and those who are for. Ismail Bn Abi Ziyyad Sukuni is one of the Sunni reporters who has transmitted many reports from Imam Sadiq, peace be upon him, especially in the field of fiqh (jurisprudence).
The more we have information about this reporter, the better we can verify reliability of his reports which are found in the Shiite hadith sources. In light of Sukuni's reliability which has been confirmed by the Shiite thinkers and his reports which are practiced by jurisprudents, it is wise to conclude that the reports transmitted by him are reliable and trustworthy.
Key words: Authentication, Common Hadith Reporters, Ismail Bn Abi Ziyyad Sukuni, Biography, Works, Fiqh (Jurisprudence), Diraya.

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