Nawadir al-Hikmah, written by Mohammad bin Ahmad bin Yahya Ashari is one of the most reliable and authentic sources of the four Shia reference books. Shia scholars praised the book's goodness, except that it is criticized by Muhammad al-Hasan ibn al-Walid, a critic of the third century, for some of its traditions. He has excluded the traditions of the author of Nawadir al-Hikmah and regarded them not worthy of narration. Najashi has provided a

list of these traditions in his book al-Fihrist.Since Nawadir al-Hikmah has been used as a reference by al-Kafi, the present paper extracted accounts Sheikh Kulauni’s tradition from Ibn Walid’s exceptions. Finally, the author provides a statistical analysis of them.

Key Words: Hadith Sources, Nawadir al-Hikmah, Muhammad ibn Ahmad Ibn Yahya ibn Al-Walid, Exceptions, Traditions of al-Kafi, Kulayni.