The Documents of al-Sahifa al-Kamila al-Sajjadiyya and the Teachers of its Relators

Dr Mansur Pahlavan

Al-Sahifa al-Kamila al-Sajjadiyya, one of the first books compiled after the advent of Islam, is matchless with respect to the abundance of the sects and the ulema who related it. The writer introduces the documents and hadith transmitters of the al-Sahifa; there he mentions over thirty prominent figures of the ulema. To introduce the hadith-relators, first their full name is given, followed by a mention of their academic standing and repute - as deemed by great Shiite ulema - together with a list of their works. Next, the ways of relating the al-Sahifa and its chain of documents are mentioned. Among the relators of the al-Sahifa, the following can be mentioned: al-Sheikh al-Mufid, al-Sheikh al-Tusi, Qutb al-Din al Rawandi, al-Shahid I, al-Shahid II, al-Majlisi I, and al-Muhaddith al-Nuri. Finally, the writer gives a summary of his arguments, as well as some helpful hints about the al-Sahifa.

Key Words: Al-Sahifa al-Kamila al-Sajjadiyya, Chain of Documents, Hadith Transmitters.

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