The Licences of Aqa Husayn and Aqa Jamal al-Din Khunsari

Abul Fadl Hafiziyan

Issuing licences for relating hadiths has been one of the good practices, current among the ulema for the purpose of protecting hadiths. In this manner, they issued special certificates, that is, ijazas ’licences for each other or for their students. The writer mentions various kinds of ijazas, among them the mu’an’ana one. In the first part of the paper, mention is made of Aqa Husayn's ’teachers who granted him with ijazas, together with over thirty of his disciples who received such licences from him, with a brief biographical note on each of them. Among them, some of his ijazas for others are reprinted microphically. Notable among them is his rather long ijaza for issued Amir Dhulfaqar. In the second part, first teachers and those who issued ijazas for Aqa Jamal al-Din are mentioned; this is followed by a list of his disciples and those who received ijazas from him. According to the writer, since he was in charge of the Isfahan hawzah Academy for Islamic Studies, he must have had much more students than those named in the article. At the end, Aqa Jamal al-Dins ijaza for Mulla Husayn Mazandarani is reprinted.

Key Words: Licences, Aqa Husayn, Aqa Jamal al-Din Khunsari.

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