Levels of Affinity with the Quran as Mentioned in Hadiths

’Asghar Hadawi-Kashani

In the introduction to this article, the necessity of removing seclusion from the Quran is explained. Then it turns its attention to the Quranic verses and the hadiths related to this. It also focuses on the problable conflicts among these hadiths, and stresses on the external and internal meanings and aspects of the Holy Quran. The main part of the article is devoted to the hadiths concerned with affinity with the Quran and its levels. With reference to the hadiths which say “Any one can benefit from the Quran just according to his capacity”, and with resort to the collection of the right hadiths, he classifies affinity with the Holy Quran in the following order: (1) keeping the Quran at home; (2) looking at the Quran; (3) the recitation of the Quran; (4) contemplation on the Quran; and (5) practicing what the Quran preaches. Then, with resort to the Quran and hadiths, he separates those who are examples of al-rasikhun fi al-‘ilm; they do not fit in with the above classification, mainly because their understanding is far more than others.’

Key Words: Levels of Affinity with the Quran, Recitation, Contemplation, Hadith.

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