The Secretary of Conferences

The city of Rey in Tehran is one of the oldest Shi’ah cities. It was and is still a place of knowledge and scholars. According to the position this city has, there was a pressing need to form a secretary for honoring the outstanding scholars of this city. With the cooperation of the office of the Custodians of the Holy Shrine of Sayyid Abdul Azim al-Hasani (a.s.), this secretary arranges ceremonies to honor the scholars of Hadith. As a first stage of this project, the secretary has chosen four scholars
: 1. Sayyid Abdul Azim al-Hasani,
 2. Abul Futuh al-Razi,
 3. Thiqatul Islam Sheikh Kulayni, and
 4. `Abdul Jalil Razi Qazvini.

Commemoration of Hazrat Abdolazim Conference


Hazrat Abdolazim has been a source of spiritual guidance in the history of all Muslims be it Shiite or Sunni. He has been effective in the culture and awareness of many Iranians. The conference was arranged to commemorate him and to fulfill following objectives:

1-    Introducing his scholarly and spiritual character

2-    Expanding teachings of Ahlebeyt (A.S)

3-    Researching in his Hadith-related inheritance

4-    Recognizing his position and its effects on historical developments of Iranians.

The objectives were presented and approved in the year 2002, in the board’s first meeting in which a number of religious scholars and thinkers took part.     

They divided their plan into 5 categories as followings:

  1. Compiling, correcting and collecting his works and topics related to Shahre Rey City
  2. Calling for papers
  3. Publishing periodicals concurrent with the conference time
  4. Developing  CDs containing scientific materials of the conference
  5. Publishing announcements


Conference on Commemoration of Sheikh Abulfutuh Razi

(Passed Away in the 6th Century)

The second conference from this series is the Conference on Commemoration of Sheikh Abulfutuh Razi, the Mofasser of the 6th century. The conference secretariat started its work in August 2003 seeking following objectives:

1-    Introducing and commemorating academic and spiritual characters of Sheikh Abulfutuh Razi;

2-    Researching into the heritage remained from this matchless Mofasser;

3-    Recognizing his position and influence in Tafassir among the Shiites and the Sunnis;

4-    Expanding Quranic teachings and Hadith of Ahlebeyt (A.S)


Conference Academic Productions include:

  1. Collection of works (20-Volume Book)
  2. 2 periodicals and 4 magazines
  3. 4 Announcement
  4. A compact disk containing conference results


 The four above-mentioned areas in detail: