The Characteristics of the Jurisprudence-Oriented Shiism from the Viewpoint of Abd al-Jalil Qazvini

Qasim Safari (Javadi) [1]

The Book, Naqd, is the single available work from Abd al-Jalil Qazvini Razi (the Shiite author of the sixth century After Hijrah). The book contains unique information about the history of Shiism (the sixth century and before it), various Shiite sects, the geography of Shiism in Iran and other countries, Shiite and non-Shiite thoughts and etc. In this article, there has been an attempt to study "the characteristics of the jurisprudence-oriented Shiism from the viewpoint of 'Abd al-Jalil Qazvini". The material included by Qazvini in his book is totally from the viewpoint of the jurisprudence-oriented Shiism; however, the present article has focused on just the cases which have explicitly been titled as the beliefs of the jurisprudence-oriented Shiism or similar titles denoting the same concept. Despite the fact that the characteristics of the jurisprudence-oriented Shiism in Naqd have been presented in an unorganized (and not following a logical) manner, the present article has granted the characteristics a specific order; for each issue first the words of the author of Ba’d Fada’ih al-Rawafid have been presented, and in the following, the responses by Abd al-Jalil Qazvini from his book Naqd have been provided.

Key Words: Jurisprudence-oriented Shiism, Jurisprudence-oriented Shiites, Jurisprudence-oriented Imamiyyah Shiism, Naqd, Ba’d Fada’ih al-Rawafid

[1] The faculty member and the head of the Department of Religions and Denominations, Al-Mustafa PBUH International University