Shiism and Sufism in the Book of Naqd

Abolfazl Hashemi [1]

The book of Naqd was written in the sixth century by Sheikh 'Abd al-Jalil Qazvini in order to answer the doubts against the Shiites; the book reflects the beliefs of the Shiites and the situation of the Shiite society at that time. The present article studies the relationship between Shiism and Sufism from the viewpoint of the book. The author of the book considers that true Shiites believe in imamate and caliphate of the Imams PBUT after the prophet of Islam PBUH, respect the Prophet's companions and are moderate in their beliefs. In this book, he describes true Sufis as decent people who have faith in Shiite beliefs; because they are of Adliyya denomination and believe in the unity of God and far from predestination, association and false beliefs; furthermore, they are described as people who love the Imam PBUT. 'Abd al-Jalil has narrated some dignities concerning them, which he considers as a sign of their merit. 'Abd al-Jalil believes that some Sufis are Shiites. Therefore, despite the fact that Sufism originated among Sunnites, true Sufis have come very close to many of truths and the right denomination because of the purity of their innate disposition; so that Shiites love them. Therefore, there is a close relationship between Shiism and Sufism. Of course, 'Abd al-Jalil has also referred to false Sufism and has considered it completely far from the tradition of the Prophet PBUH and Shiism.

Keywords: Sufism, Sufis, Shiites, Rafidi, pious and votary, divine path.

[1] M.A. student in the major of Gnosis and Sufism, Imam Khomeini Institute.