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1The Ethical Considerations and Rites of Argumentation in the Book of N...27158/19/2013
2The Characteristics of the Jurisprudence-Oriented Shiism from the View...64938/19/2013
3The Status of the Term Jurisprudence-Oriented Shiism in the Theologica...22128/19/2013
4Supporting Imamiyyah and Rejecting Isma'iliyyah in the Book of Naqd19258/19/2013
5Shiism and Sufism in the Book of Naqd22948/19/2013
6The Book of Naqd and Religious Moderateness19428/19/2013
7Aspects of the Cultural–Civilization Life of Shiites in the History of...17468/19/2013
8The Geographical Spread of the Imamiyyah Shiite Population According t...25318/19/2013
9Sect-Study References by Abd al-Jalil Qazvini in His Book, Naqd14798/19/2013
10The Sunnite Madrasa vs. the Shiite Dar al-Ilms: A Discussion on the Bo...20078/19/2013
11The Scientific and Religious Schools and Centers and the Shiite Rijals...19498/19/2013
12The Shiite Poets Mentioned in the Book of Naqd14148/19/2013
13The Geography of Ray and Qazvin19098/19/2013
14The Family of Babiveih in the Book of Naqd16278/19/2013
15The Prevalence of Hagiography in the Sixth and Seventh Centuries after...23588/19/2013
16The Stylistic, Structural and Intellectual Characteristics of Naqd16268/19/2013
17A Study of the Linguistic form of the Book of Naqd with a Reference to...21958/19/2013
18Argumentation and Unity in the Book of Naqd16158/19/2013
19The Approaches Taken by Imamiyyah Theologians toward Philosophy in the...23291434
20A Glance at the Book of "Naqd", Authored by 'Abd al-Jalil Razi14998/18/2013
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