Sect-Study References by Abd al-Jalil Qazvini in His Book, Naqd

Hamid Ahmadi Jolfaie [1]

One of the important prerequisites for strengthening the principles of the Islamic beliefs and ideas is the acquaintance with the various sects and denominations developed in the religion of Islam and each of their specific viewpoints. Naturally, the relatively ancient books and resources, which are closer in terms of time to the emergence of each of the sects and schools and therefore their narrations of the events and beliefs of the followers of the sects and schools are more objective and concrete, enjoy very specific importance. One of the books and resources which should be used and referred to by the scholars in this field is the book titled Naqd (authored by the late Abd al-Jalil Qazvini Razi, one of the scholars of the sixth century After Hijrah). Although the book itself, as deemed by the present writer, can not be considered as one of the powerful and coherent Shiite books (since there are apparent errors and contradictions in it), the information presented in this book is in some aspects important because of its antiquity. Therefore, this research will deal with the references of the author of the book to the specific beliefs of each of the existing sects at the time, and the considerable points are introduced.

Key Words: sect, denomination, school of thought, doctrines, Shiite, Sunnite.

[1] The researcher of The Research Center of Hadith Sciences and Knowledge, Qom.