A Review of the Aspects of the Cultural–Civilization Life of Shiites in the History of Islam: As Narrated by Abd al-Jalil Razi in Naqd

Dr. Mohammad Baghestani [1]

The present article is an attempt in the analysis of the famous text of Naqd, authored by Abd al-Jalil Qazvini Razi. In this analysis, various aspects of the cultural – civilization life of the Shiites in the history of Islam will be studied briefly. This article refers to the potential values existing in Naqd for illustration of different roles played by the Shiite minority in a Sunnite community along the development of Islamic culture and civilization.

Key Words: the history of Shiism, Islamic civilization, culture, Naqd, Abd al-Jalil Razi.

[1] Faculty member of the Research Center of Islamic Sciences and Culture.