Argumentation and Unity in the Book of Naqd

Seddiqeh Labbani Motlaq [1]

Naqd is a book in rejection of the objections and doubts posed against Shiism. This book was authored by the great scholar, Abd al-Jalil Qazwini Razi, and was written in an argumentative mode. Abd al-Jalil is considered as one of the first Shiite scholars following an accurate approach in debate, who has taken a considerable step for the approximation of denominations. The present article aims at finding an appropriate approach to attain integration between the religious debate and the unity of the Islamic denominations. It is believed that Abd al-Jalil has depicted such an integration appropriately; because he has fulfilled a suitable argument for the development and maintenance of the Islamic unity through considering such aspect as: accepting the truth and noting the common aspects of the parties and … .

Key Words: Naqd, Abd al-Jalil Qazvini, debate, unity.

[1] M.A. holder in theology, Al-Zahra University, Tehran.