A Glance at the Book of "Naqd", Authored by 'Abd al-Jalil Razi

Ayatollah Reza Ostadi

Although the book of Naqd is considered as a theological book written against the book of Ba’d Fada’ih al-Rawafid, it is full of historical, geographical, cultural and … points. Recognition and study of these points can be very helpful. This article is an attempt to find some of such valuable points and clarify them. These points include: the idea of writing the book of Naqd, avoidance from impetuous responses, counteract against the prejudice opponents, clarifying the beliefs of the trends, criticizing tradition narrators, considering the red lines, dealing with the five disparagements against Shiites from the viewpoint of the Sunnite writer, reverence toward Sunnites, the Shiite and Sunnite cities, some historical and geographical points, and … .The writer of this article believes that the book of Naqd contains some useful and novel points many of which could not be found elsewhere.

Key Words: Naqd, 'Abd al-Jalil Razi, the principles of debate, historical geography, Shiite theology.