The Family of Babiveih in the Book of Naqd

Dr. Seyyed Mohsen Mousavi [1]

The book of Naqd is a Shiite book which presents useful information about important Shiite characters contemporary to its own period and before that. Some of the scholars whose names, words, ideas and works have been mentioned or criticized primarily by Abd al-Jalil himself, or secondarily following the Sunnite author, are from a schooled family. One of such schooled families is the Family of Babiveih. The book has mentioned the names of five scholars from this family and the present article deals with them: Ali Ibn Babiveih (Sheikh Saduqs father), Mohammad Ibn Ali Babiveih (Sheikh Saduq), Shams al-Din Hasan Babiveih, Abu Talib Ishaq Babiveih and Abu Abdullah Babiveih.

Key Words: Family, Babiveih, Naqd.

[1] Faculty member of Mazandaran University.