Commemoration of Hazrat Abdolazim Conference


Hazrat Abdolazim has been a source of spiritual guidance in the history of all Muslims be it Shiite or Sunni. He has been effective in the culture and awareness of many Iranians. The conference was arranged to commemorate him and to fulfill following objectives:

1-    Introducing his scholarly and spiritual character

2-    Expanding teachings of Ahlebeyt (A.S)

3-    Researching in his Hadith-related inheritance

4-    Recognizing his position and its effects on historical developments of Iranians.

The objectives were presented and approved in the year 2002, in the board’s first meeting in which a number of religious scholars and thinkers took part.     

They divided their plan into 5 categories as followings:

  1. Compiling, correcting and collecting his works and topics related to Shahre Rey City
  2. Calling for papers
  3. Publishing periodicals concurrent with the conference time
  4. Developing  CDs containing scientific materials of the conference
  5. Publishing announcements


In the spring of 2003, the conference of Commemoration of Hazrat Abdolazim was held with more than 600 participants including religious scholars, thinkers and professors in Hazrat Abdolazim Holy Site-Sheikh Sadugh Hall. The outcome was a 30-volume book including works related to the personality of Hazrat Abdolazim and an Introduction to Shahre Rey and offering gratitude to scholars of Shahre Rey.     


List of papers offered for the conference

The Conference Scientific Committee has undertaken publishing papers as one of its objectives. In line with it, the Committee selected as many as 50 papers for publication.


First Volume

1-    Explanation of “Arze Din” said By Hazrat Abdoazim, By Ayatollah Safi Golpaygani

2-    A Glance at Hadith “Arze Din” By Ahmad Abedi

3-    Teachings of Hadith “Arze Din” By Reza Berenjkar

4-    Mental and Ideological Teachings of Ahadith of Hazrat Abdolazim, By Seyed Ibrahim Alawi

5-    History of Arze Din and Hadith, By Seyed Mohammad Kadhim Tabatabaee

6-    Sweet Odour of Welayat, By Ali Mokhtari

7-    Welaee Interpretation in  the Position of Hazrat Abdolazim, By Seyed Abulhasan Motalebi

8-    Imamat According to Ahadith said By Hazrat Abdolazim, By Aliasgar Rezwani

9-    Mahdawiat in Ahadith said By Hazrat Abdolazim, By Aliasgar Rezwani

10-  Appearance of Imam Zaman According to Rewayat of Hazrat Abdolazim, By Shahrokh Mohammadbeigi

11- History of Shiism in Share Rey, By Rasul Jafarian

12- Shiism in Rey (from the 2nd century to the 9th century), By Morteza Dusti Sani



Second Volume

1-    A Research in Quranic-Descriptive Rewayat of Hazrat Abdolazim, By Mohammad Moradi

2-    Upon Character of Hazrat Abdolazim, By Sheikh Alipanah Ishtehardi

3-    Upon Academic Position and Pilgrimage of Hazrat Abdoalzi, By Seyed Abdoljawad Alamolhuda

4-    Great Manners, (Detailed Description of Moral and Social Ahadith of Hazrat Abdolazim) By Abdulhadi Massudi

5-    Relatives of Hazrat Abdolazim, By Rasul Agajani

6-    Sun of Rey, By Abbas Abiri

7-    Biography of Nafise Khatun, Hazrat Abdolazim’s Paternal Aunt, By Morteza Jabarian

8-    On the Holy Threshold of Hazrat Abdolazim, 40 Hadith of Hazrat Abdolazim, By Mohammad Hassan Arjmandi

9-    A Glace at Endowed Properties of Hazrat Abdolazim, Hussein Moazeni

10- Sit in (Take Sanctuary) Hazrat Abdolazim Holy Site in Gajar Dynasty, Nurah Aghili

11-  Role of Hazrat Abdolazim in Contemporary History of Iran, By Mohammad Ali Taghawirad

12- A Glance at Ancient Rey, By Abulfazl Arabzade



Third Volume

1-    Pilgrimage to Hazrat Abdolazim Holy Site, By Reza Ostadi

2-    General Analysis of Rewayat of Hazrat Abdolazim, By Mohammad Reza Rahman Setayesh

3-    Sun of Rey, Hazrat Abdolazim According to Viewpoints of the Infallible Imams, By Mehdi Husseinian Qumi

4-    A Model for Virtue; Considering Moral-Social Rewayat Said By Hazrat Abdolazim, By Ali Mokhtari

5-    Erazat Alakhawan, By Mohammad Ali Moalem Habibabadi and Sadiq Barzgar

6-    The Viewpoints of Ayatollah Marashi Upon Hazrat Abdolazim, By Abulfazl Hafezian Babeli

7-    Migration of Rey Traveler, By Seyed Sadiq Husseini Oshkuri

8-    Famous Men of Rey in the Naghs Book, By Ali Sadraee Khoee

9-    Hazrat Abdolazim and Shahr-e Rey According to Travel Accounts, By Muhsen Sadeqi


Fourth Volume

The first chapter starts with the message of the Leader and his address in the conference.

The second chapter, allocated to the Farsi papers, includes:

1-    Woman According to Rewayat of Hazrat Abdolazim, By Mehdi Mehrizi

2-    Hazrat Abdolazim from Another Dimension, By Mohammad Sorush Mahalati

3-    A Different Look at “Hazrat Abdolazim Article”, By Mehdi Husseinian Qumi

4-    A Review of Documents Written Upon Hazrat Abdolazim, By Mohammmadreza Jadidinejad

5-    Some Questions upon Dignity of Hazrat Abdolazim, By Mehdi Husseinian Qumi 


The third chapter, allocated to the Arabic papers, includes the followings:

1-    Al-Seyed Abdualzim Hassani, His Life, His Hadith, His Household, and the Ones Narrated His Hadith, By Jafar Sobhani

2-    The Path to Hazrat Abdoalazim Age, By Mohammd Mehdi Argani Behbahai