Five Moral Docrtrines in Imam Khomei's Sharh Chihil Hadith

Sayyid Hasan Islami

Being based on a long-standing tradition of collecting forty hadiths, Imam Khomeini's Sharh Chihil Hadith encompasses a variety of topics; yet what they have in common is centred around the mankind and his relation with the Creator. Drawing upon the above-mentioned book, the present paper explores Imam Khomeini's five main moral doctrines in the field of practical ethics. they are as follows: 1. Man is changeable; 2. He is by nature pure and ready for perfection; 3. his inside is the arena of the good and evil; 4. He has a practical approach to khowledge; and 5. human insticts should be controlled, rather than demolished. Throughout the book, these five doctrines are present, covertly and overtly, creating a bakground for various debates and making them significant.

Key Word: The Practice of Compiling, al-'Arba‘in Hadith, Relation with the Creator, Fourty Hadiths.

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