The Criteria of Selecting the Officials in the Doctrine of Imam Khomeini

Hamid Rasayi

When the last Infalliable Imam got unseen, beyond the curtain of occultation, the ulema have since been entitled to direct the Muslims, preventing them form getting scattered. This should be carried out by their thoughrful guidance. Imam Khomeini is one of those ulema who, society by his sagacious speeches. The article is centred around the criteria of selecting the officials appropriate for the Islamic state, all extracted from his speeches, in compariston with the relevant valuable hadiths of the Infalliable Imams. The qualifications for management responsibilities in the Islamic state, as viewed by Imam Khomeini, are as follows: 1. loyalty to Islam and the Islamic Republic; 2. abiding by the walayat al-faqih; 3. having a sense of political understanding; 4. feeling religious sensibility as well as speciality; 5. positive profile; 6. practicing Islamic morals; 6. living a simple life; 8. supporting the oppressed and giving service to them; 9. patriotism and insisting on the country's insterests; and 10. brevity.

Key Word: Criteria of Selecting the Officials, the Islamic State, Management Responsibilities, Qualifications.

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