The Book of Wisdom of the Young

Muhammad Muhammadi Rayshahri

With the collaboration of Ahmad Gholamali,

Translated into Persian by Mahdi Mehrizi,

2005, 463 pages, Arabic – Persian

Dar al-Hadith, Qom, Iran

The early years of life is the best time for self-development and con­struction and young people are the greatest assets of any society. Ow­ing to this fact, the flourishing of any country is contingent upon the education of its young population. In fact, this issue has continued to be the focus of attention of the pol­itical and cultural leaders of the wo­rld. In addition, youth-related issues have continued to occupy the minds of Muslim thinkers, especially in the past fifty years.   

The present book offers practical examples of religious and ethical values based on the guidelines set forth by the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and the Infallibles (PBUT). The book, in add­ition to being of value to young people, can prove quite useful to researchers and others working in youth-related fields.

It is organized into five main parts with the following titles: 1) The role of youth in flourishing, 2) The factors contributing to the flourishing of the youth, 3) The impediments to the flour­ishing of the youth, 4) The rights of young people, and 5) The role models for the youth. Each chapter consists of several parts:

Part one focuses on the three topics of life, self-development, and construction.

Part two is devoted to such topics as knowledge, self-belief, relationship with God, appropriate friends, permissible leisure activities, and ethical values and conduct.

 Part three discusses such obstacles as unemployment, addi­ction, bad company, the inebriation of youth, sexual lust, the temptation of Satan, and cultural problems etc.

Part four examines parents' obligations toward their young children, and their social rights.

Part five discusses role models that are available to young people, including role models from the Holy Quran and among the Infallibles (PBUT) and their companions.

The present work, based on the teachings of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and the Infallibles (PBUT), is the second volume in the series of thematic books aimed at various strata of the society. The Persian text of the work is published with the following bibliographical data: The Book of Wisdom of the Young, trans. Mahdi Mehrizi, Qom: Dar al-Hadith, 2005.

The Arabic text of the work is published with the following bibliographical data: Jawahir al-hikmah li al-shabab, Qom: Dar al-Hadith, 2006, 367 pages.    

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