Hadith No.  1

رسول الله (صلی الله علیه و آله): ما يَمنَعُ المُؤمِنَ أَن يَتَّخِذَ أهلاً، لَعَلَّ اللهَ‏َ أن يَرزُقَهُ نَسَمةً تُثقِلُ الأَرضَ بِلا إلـٰهَ إلَّا اللهُ.

The Prophet (s.a.w.) said: “What prevents a believer from forming a family?! It might be that Allah may grant him some children who will bring value to the earth by [saying] ‘There is no god but Allah’.”

Hadith No.  5

رسول الله (صلی الله علیه و آله): اُطلُبُوا الوَلَدَ وَ التَمِسوهُ؛ فَإنَّهُ قُرَّةُ العَينِ، و رَيحانَةُ القَلبِ.

The Prophet (s.a.w.) said: “Seek and ask for a child, for it is the source of comfort and happiness of the heart.”

Hadith No. 14

الإمام زين العابدين(علیه السلام):  مِن سَعادَةِ الرَّجُلِ أن يَكونَ لَهُ وُلدٌ يَستَعينُ بِهِم.

Imam al-Sajjad (a.s.) said: “A part of a man’s happiness is having a child who assists him.”

Hadith No. 15

الإمام الكاظم(علیه السلام):  سَعَدَ امرُؤٌ لَم يَمُت حَتَّى يَرى خَلَفا مِن نَفسِهِ.

Imam al-Kazim (a.s.) said: “A person is happy that can see a successor (offspring) for himself before his death.”  

Hadith No. 24

الإمام الصادق (علیه السلام) ـ في قَولِ الله‏ِ:  وَ الَّذِينَ ءَامَنُواْ وَ اتَّبَعَتْهُمْ ذُرِّيَّتُهُم بِإِيمَـٰنٍ أَلْحَقْنَا بِهِمْ ذُرِّيَّتَهُمْ ـ: قَصَرَتِ الأبناءُ عَن عَمَلِ الآباءِ، فألحَقُوا الأبناءَ بِالآباءِ لِتَقَرَّ بِذٰلِكَ أعيُنُهُم.

Imam al-Sadiq (a.s.) said, regarding Allah’s saying: The faithful and their offspring who follow them in faith –We will make their offspring join them”: “The deeds of the offspring are less than that of their fathers, so the offspring will be joined their fathers to comfort them.” 

Hadith No. 26

رسول الله (صلی الله علیه و آله): تَزَوَّجوا بِكراً وَلوداً، و لا تَزَوَّجوا حَسناءَ جَميلَةً عاقِراً؛ فَإنِّي اُباهي بِكُمُ الاُمَمَ يَومَ القِيامَةِ.

The Prophet (s.a.w.) said: “Marry a virgin and fertile woman and do not marry a good and beautiful barren, for I will boast of you [your abundance] over other nations on Judgment Day.”

Hadith No. 27

رسول الله (صلی الله علیه و آله): تَزَوَّجُوا الوَدودَ الوَلودَ؛ فَإنّي مُكاثِرٌ بِكُمُ الاُمَمَ يَومَ القِيامَةِ.

The Prophet (s.a.w.) said: “Marry a kind and fertile woman, for I will be proud of you [your abundance] over other nations on Judgment Day.”

Hadith No. 28

رسول الله (صلی الله علیه و آله): دَعُوا الحَسناءَ العاقِرَ، و تَزَوَّجُوا السَّوداءَ الوَلودَ؛ فَإنِّي اُكاثِرُ بِكُمُ الاُمَمَ يَومَ القِيامَةِ.

The Prophet (s.a.w.) said: “Leave the beautiful and barren and marry the unattractive and fertile, as I will boast of you [your abundance] over other nations on Judgment Day.”

Hadith No. 29

رسول الله (صلی الله علیه و آله): أكثِرُوا الوَلَدَ اُكاثِر بِكُمُ الاُمَمَ غَداً.

The Prophet (s.a.w.) said: “Increase your children, for tomorrow I will boast of your abundance over other nations.”

Hadith No. 30

الإمام الصادق (علیه السلام): لَـمّا لَقِيَ يوسُفُ أخاهُ قالَ لَهُ: يا أَخي كَيفَ استَطَعتَ أن تَتَزوَّجَ النِّساءَ بَعدي؟

قالَ: إنَّ أبي أمَرَني و قالَ: إنِ استَطَعتَ أن تَكونَ لَكَ ذُرِّيَّةٌ تُثقِلُ الأَرضَ بِالتَّسبيحِ فَافعَل.

Imam al-Sadiq (a.s.) said: “When Yusuf (a.s.) met his brother [Benjamin], he told him: “O brother! How could you marry women after [losing] me?”

He said: “My father commanded me, saying: “If you are able to have an offspring who will add to the value of the land by glorifying [Allah], then do so.”

 Hadith No. 113

الإمام الصادق (علیه السلام): مَن أرادَ أن يُحبَلَ لَهُ فَليُصَلِّ رَكعَتَينِ بَعدَ الجُمعَةِ، يُطيلُ فيهِمَا الرُّكوعَ وَ السُّجودَ، ثُمَّ يَقولُ: اللّهُمَّ إنّي أَسأَلُكَ بِما سَأَلَكَ بِهِ زَكرِيّا، يا رَبِّ لا تَذَرنِي فَردا و أنتَ خَيرُ الوارِثينَ، اللّهُمَّ هَب لي مِن لَدُنكَ ذُرِّيَّةً طَيِّبَةً، إنَّكَ سَمِيعُ الدُّعاءِ، اللّهُمَّ بِاسمِكَ استَحلَلتُها، و في أمانَتِكَ أخَذتُها، فَإِن قَضَيتَ في رَحِمِها وَلَدا فَاجعَلهُ غُلاما مُبارَكا زَكِيّا، و لا تَجعَل لِلشَّيطانِ فيهِ شِركا و لا نَصيبا.

Imam al-Sadiq (a.s.) said: “He who desires his wife to become pregnant, he should perform a two-unit prayer with long bowing and prostration after his Friday prayers, and then say: “O Allah! I beseech You the same thing that Zachariah asked You. O Lord! Do not leave me by myself, for You are the best of inheritors! O’ Allah! Bestow upon me from You a pure offspring, indeed You are the hearer of prayers. O’ Allah! By Your name I made her lawful for me and I took her as a trust from You. So, if You have decreed a child in her womb, make the child a blessed pure one and do not allow Satan to have a share or partnership with him.”

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