Kulayni, the Author of Rawza al-Kafi: Similar Evidences

Parviz Rastgar

The great book al-Kafi has been written by the late Kulayni, classified into three sections, and printed in eight volumes: two volumes Usul al-Kafi, five volumes Furu al-Kafi, and its last volume Rawza al-Kafi sometime is called the same as previous volumes: Furu al-Kafi. Some argue that the last volume has not been written by this great Twelver Shiite traditionist. Comparing Rawza al-Kafi with previous volumes, the author of the present paper tries to remove any doubt concerning Rawza to be written by someone else. To prove this, he views Kulayni\s approach to chain of authorities from different perspectives.

Key Words: Abu Jafar Kulayni, Rawza al-Kafi, Khalil bn Ghazi Qazvini, Chain of Authorities and Documents.

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