Risala fi Ahwal al-Fadil al-Khunsari

ed. Ali-Awsat Natiqi:

The present work was written in Arabic by Abul MaAli ibn Muhammad Ibrahim Kalbasi Isfahani (d. 1315/1897). It is a short biographical account of Aqa Husayn Khunsari (d. 1098/1687). In it, the author points to Khunsaris high personality in the mouth of his contemporary scholars. He also mentions some of his teachers, students, and writings.  The editor also quotes the text of Aqa Husayn Khunsaris licence issued for Sayyid Muhammad Baqir ibn Sayyid Ali Rida, authorizing him to quote from the Al-Sahifa al-Sajjadiyya. He further quotes one of Aqa Husayns licences which he issued for his son Aqa Jamal al-Din as well as Aqa Husayns preface to the book Al-Shawariq. Also quoted are two instances of his replies to the objections raised by Fadil Qazwini and Allamah Sabzawari; these replies are in the form of treatises. The final section of the present Risala, includes his opening khutba, which he included in his licence for Amir Dhulfaqar, and a rubaiyah ’quatrain of his poetry.

Key Words: Aqa Husayn Khunsari, Kalbasi Isfahani, Ijazah.

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