The Introduction of Hadith in al-Andalus (2nd/ 8th-3rd/9th Centuries)

Isabel Fierro

Translated by Muhammad-Kazim Rahmati

The aim of this article is to study when the hadith literature and the ilm al-hadith were first introduced into al-Andalus, who the protagonists of this introduction were and what the relationship between the Andalusian ahl al-ray and ahl al-hadith was. This study is organized in the following way:

 I. Awail dealing with the introduction of hadith into al-Andalus

 1. First phase

 1.1 Muawiya b. Salih and Sasaa b.Sallam (second half 2nd/8th century)

 1.2 Abd al-Malik b. Habib (first half 3rd/9th century)

 2. Second phase

 2.1 Baqi b. Makhlad (d.276/889)

 2.2. Muhammad b. Waddah (d.286/900)

 II. The confrontation between the ahl al-ray and the ahl al-hadith

 1. The persecution of the traditionists

 2. The controversy on raf al-yadayn fi al-salat

 3. The coexistence of the ahl al-ray and the ahl al-hadith


Key Words: the Ahl al-Ray, the Ahl al-Hadith, Hadith, al-Andalus.

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