The Linguistic Knowledge of the Prophet and the Imams (Pt.3)

Hasan Irfan

In the previous issues, namely Nos 5 and 6, there were some discussions on the linguistic knowledge of the infalliable Imams. Examples are given of their linguistic performance and speaking in a wide variety of languages other than Arabic, e.g. in Persian, Chinese, and Greek, to mention a few. In this issue, some examples are given of the infalliable Imams’ conversations in Caspian dialects as in well as in (presently known as) European languages. Among the accounts cited, mention is made of Imam Ali al-Hadi’s correspondence with Narjis, Imam al-Mahdi’s mother. In addition to their conversation and correspondence in languages other than Arabic, based on authoritative historical accounts, the infalliable Imams were able to read the previous Scriptures in their original languages, i.e. in the languages revealed to their prophets, hence in their arguments with the followers of other faiths, they could quote their evidence from them. Noteworthy is that, some accounts are given of the infalliable Imams’ supplications in other languages.

Key Words: the Prophet, the Imams, Linguistic Knowledge.

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