A Survey of Imam Ali’s Method of Government

Muhammad Muhammadi Rayshahri

The article is the text of speech delivered by Ayatollah Muhammad Muhammadi Rayshahri, the Dean of the College of Hadith Sciences. It was delivered at the ninth meeting on hadith scholarship, held at Qum on 19 Aban 1379 Sh. / 9 November 2000. He introduced three themes which getting familiarity with them would make us more acquainted with Imam Ali’s method of government, bringing about further academic and social achievements for our society. The three themes are as follows: (1)tolerance in Imam Ali’s method of government (together with some hints on his practice of reformation), (2)people’s rights in Imam Ali’s government, and (3)the place of the right for criticism in the government of Imam Ali. Drawing upon some instances of Imam Ali’s words and deeds, all taken from Shiite and Sunnite sources, he answered some of the questions posed by the audience.

Key Words: Imam Ali, Method of Government, Tolerance, People’s Rights.

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