M. H. ’Urmawi: The Preserver of Hadith Heritage

Ali Sadrayi-Khuyi

This article is devoted to one of the best transcribers of Shiite hadith books. This figure is Muhammad-Husayn b.Zayn al-Abidin ’Urmawi (i.e. of ’Urumiyya). From 1336 AH/1916 to 1352 AH/1933 he resided in Najaf, Iraq, and transcribed fastidiously at least thirty-nine books from among the most important hadith books, with his scholarly meticulous care. No more information can be extracted about him than the notes indicated in the “Catalogue of Manuscripts of the Library of ’Astan-i Quds-i Radawi”, the “Alphabetical List of Manuscripts of Dar al-Hadith Library”, and the margins of the copies he transcribed.

Key Words: ’Urmawi, Hadith Heritage, the Preserver, Manuscripts.

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