The Collation and Edition of Hadith Texts

Ali-Akbar Ghaffari

There are many mistakes in hadith books. One of them is incorrect recording of the hadiths. Another one is concerned with incorrect interpretation of some of the hadiths, yet misunderstanding some of their words and phrases, leading on to semantic corruption in them. Yet a further problem is posed by inexpert people’s effort to reproduce hadith books; such problems can be solved only by the help of experts on hadith, rijal, and hadith documents. Formerly teachers used to issue licences for their students to report hadiths. Today this method is largely neglected and has lost ts prevalence due to modern ways of book publishing. The article is the text of the lecture delievered by Mr Ali-Akbar Ghaffari on the above subject on Bahmen 1377/1999, to which his questions and answers are added.

Key Words: Collation, Edition, Hadith Texts, Incorrect Recording, Incorrect Interpretation, Semantic Corruption.

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