Chapter Fourteen: The Ascension of the Prophet (SA) from the Breast of the Executor (AS)

Encyclopedia of Imam Ali (AS), written by Muhammad Muhammadi Rayshahri, abridged by Mahdi Gholamali, translated by Zaid Alsalami and Safyullah Khan, edited by Hamid Reza Salarkia and published by NORPUB.

48. كنز العمّال عن حذيفة بن اليمان :

48. Kanz al-`Ummal, narrating from Hudhaifa ibn al-Yaman, who said:

دَخَلتُ عَلى رَسولِ اللّهِ صلى الله عليه و آله في مَرَضِهِ الَّذي قُبِضَ فيهِ ،

“I visited the Messenger of Allah (SA) when he was in his fatal illness;

فَرَأَيتُهُ يَتَسانَدُ إلى عَلِيٍّ ،

I saw him leaning on Ali,

فَأَرَدتُ أن اُنَحِّيَهُ وأجلِسَ مَكانَهُ ،

so I wanted to move Ali and sit in his place.

فَقُلتُ : يا أبَا الحَسَنِ ،

I said to him: “O Abu al-Hasan,

ما أراكَ إلّا تَعِبتَ في لَيلَتِكَ هذِهِ ،

I think you are tired tonight,

فَلَو تَنَحَّيتَ

so why don’t you move aside,

فَأَعنَتُكَ ،

so I can help you.”

فَقالَ رَسولُ اللّهِ صلى الله عليه و آله : دَعهُ ؛

Then the Messenger of Allah (SA) said: “Leave him,

فَهُوَ أحَقُّ بِمَكانِهِ مِنكَ .

for he has a better right to be in this position than you are.”

كنز العمّال : ج16 ص228 ح44266 .

Kanz al-`Ummal, vol. 16, p. 228, h. 44266.

49. الإمام عليّ عليه السلام :

49. Imam Ali (AS) said:

لَقَد قُبِضَ رَسولُ اللّهِ صلى الله عليه و آله وإنَّ رَأسَهُ لَعَلى صَدري ،

“The Messenger of Allah passed away when his head was on my chest.

ولَقَد سالَت نَفسُهُ في كَفّي فَأَمرَرتُها عَلى وَجهي .

His soul flowed into my palm, and I passed it over my face.

ولَقَد وُلِّيتُ غُسلَهُ صلى الله عليه و آله وَالمَلائِكَةُ أعواني ،

I took charge of bathing him (SA) ritually [Editor’s note: This statement is an allusion to conducting his funeral.], aided by the angels.

فَضَجَّتِ الدّارُ وَالأَفنِيَةُ ؛

The house and the courtyards were full of them,

مَلَأٌ يَهبِطُ ،

a group of angels descending,

ومَلَأٌ يَعرُجُ ،

and a group ascending.

وما فارَقَت سَمعي هَينَمَةٌ مِنهُم ، يُصَلّونَ عَلَيهِ

I continued to hear their hum, praying over him,

حَتّى وارَيناهُ في ضَريحِهِ .

until we laid him into his tomb.”

نهج البلاغة : الخطبة 197 .

Nahj al-Balagha, Sermon 197.