A Glance at Al-Taliqa Ala’l-Kafi of Mir Damad

Qasim Jawadi

Despite his fame in rational sciences, Mir Muhammad Baqir Husayni of Istarabad, better renowned as Mir Damad, produced valuable writings in transmitional sciences, among which mention can be made of Al-Rawashih al-Samawiyya and Al-Taliqa Ala’l-Kafi. The former was introduced in Ulum-i Hadith [Hadith Sciences], vol, 3, no.4 (serial no.10), 1999, pp. 189-200 The latter is the subject of the present paper. Al-Ta‘liqa is an Arabic commentary on some of the hadiths reported in ’Usul al-Kafi of Al-Kulayni (d.359/ ); they include those hadiths reported on the chapters on “Al-Aql wa’ljahl”, “Fadl al-Ilm”, “Al-Tawhid”, and one hadith from the Chapter “Al-Hujja”. The commentator elaborated lexico-phraseological aspects as well as those concerned with rijal, the documents and references, and textual corruptions occured in the hadiths concerned. The book was first edited by Sayyid Mahdi al-Raja’i, published in 43 pages at Qum in 1403/1982.

Key Words: Mir Damad, Al-Taliqa Ala’l-Kafi, lexico-Phraseological Aspects, Rijal, Documents.

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