In Quest of Al-Mutamad fi’l-Imama of al-Karajaki

Ali Sadrayi Khuyi

The focal point of this article is a treatise, called Al-Mutamad fi’l-Imama, ascribed to al-Karajaki. The writer first gives an introductory account of the life of Abu al-Fath Muhammad b. Ali al-Karajaki (d. 449/1057) who was one of leading Shiite figures in the 5th/11th century. He then comes up with a list of his works, introducing those writings in which he proved the imamate of Imam Ali. One of the treatises ascribed to al-Karajaki is Al-Mutamad fi’l-Imama, which - according to the writer - is attributed to him, based on an 11th c./17th c. manuscript, copied out from a manuscript transcribed by al-Shahid al-Thani; later on the late Muhaddith Urmavi edited and published it under the title of Al-Tafdil. Now, the treastise, whose title is included in the list of works authored by al-Karajaki, and is the same copy mentioned above, is Al-Risala al-Alawiyya. It is, on the basis of some hints, the same work as Al-Tafdil. It is only in the beginning of one of the manuscripts of Al-Risala al-Alawiyya of al-Karajaki that it is entitled as Al-Mutamad. In later references, another work with the same latter title is attributed to him, which is not true. Although there was a treatise entitled Al-Mutamad, based on some existent copies, it is yet uncertain whether or not it is al-Karajaki’s work.

Key Words: Al-Mutamad fi’l-Imama, al-Karajaki, Imam Ali.

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